Client: Solberg Bil
Type of work: Logo + Corporate identity

Type of client: Mobility / Automotive
Year produced: 2019

Solberg is a family owned car dealership in Skien, Norway. They have been in business since 1975, and it's now the second generation who's at the helm.  As one of the last projects I did while working in R8 Edge I got the chance to design a new logo and corporate identity for them.

The car industry (or mobility industry as they say themselves) are changing rapidly, both with the introduction of electric vehicles - but also the way people are buying, leasing, renting or subscribing to cars as a service. Besides having a car dealership, solberg is investing a lot in technology and various business concepts around mobility.

My main goal with the logo was to give it a certain timeless feeling, so that it can work even if the mobility industry is turned upside down.

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Best eiendomsmegler

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