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exhibitions / awards

2021 - Porsgrunn Kunstforening - «Things I've been told»
2016 - Kunsthall Grenland - «Fifteen Years of Failure»
2016 - Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum - «Art and Industrial»
2014 - Norsk Form - Award for Design Excellence - Kunsthall Grenland
2012 - DogA (Oslo) - «design without borders»
2011 - Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt (New York) «design for the other 90%»
2008 - Bylarm (Oslo) - nisjelandet «I looked for you everywhere»
2003 - Oslo S (Grand Central Station) video projections «live the lie»

other professional activities

2018 - Grafill Telemark - Stefan Sagmeister «the happy film» - event organizer
2018 - UE Junior Achievement «logo design»-category - jury member
2017 - Google innovation Camp Telemark - jury member
2016 - UE Junior Achievement «logo design»-category - jury member
2011 - UE Junior Achievement «best branding»-category - jury member
2008-2013 - Grafill interactive - board member / event organizer
2008 - Grafill Visuelt interactive category - jury member 
2003 - Session «Design-a-Deck» design competition - jury member

present and earlier clients

Alfa Romeo, Arken arkitektkontor, Ascom, Assetto, Atea, Autostrada, BMW, Bamble kommune, Canon Norway, Clairon hotels, Cody, Dagbladet, Ementor, Eramet, Ferrari, Gatsoft, Gea Norvegica Geopark, Guard Systems, HP, HRL, Hydro, Hydrolift, ISS, Just Cruzin` Productions, Komono, KHiO, Kartforlaget, Koeningsegg, Kunsthall Grenland, Miele, MTU, Made for Movement, Magcom, Maserati, Microsoft, Netnordic, Nokia, Norsk Form, Norsk Metallretur, Rambøll, Norske Skog, Norwegian snowboard association, Nørbech + Marklund, Oslo kommune, Playboard magazine, SHIT Skateboards, Seltor, Session, Skien kommune, Statoil, Suunto, Salomon, SulakeDynamoid, Targa, Telemark kunstnersenter, Telemark Fylkeskommune, Telenor (COMMIT), Tenk kommunikasjon, VGnett, Volcom, eZ Systems

Kristian Grønevet


Kristian Grønevet is an award winning Creative Director and Designer from Norway. His passion and speciality is creating strong brands and digital products.

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