Place: Kunsthall Grenland
Type of work: Design exhibition

Type of client: Arts & Culture
Year produced: 2016

For designers and other creatives the feeling of having your work rejected or modified - often til the point where the original idea is lost completely, can lead into a vicious circle. This can develop into a destructive force where you don't dare to take chances, that you hold back and go for what is safe, predictable (and very boring).

With the "fifteen years of failure" exhibition, I wanted to celebrate the power of failing. The bravery (and stupidity) of trying to do something unexpected and brilliant, with no plan b at all - just to faceplant like nobody else... can be one of the greatest creative forces, if you dare to get back up and do it all again - and again.

This was also the swan song of my design agency onezero, and showed some of our unknown and unsuccessful projects after 15 years in business. I also invited some friends and former colleagues from around the world to help out and show their "failures".

<- Magnus Helgesen
<- Nick Alexander
<- Ole Christian Petterson
<- Fredrik Melby
<- Camille Boulestin
<- Vincent Labas
<- Anna Ducros
<- Erik K Skodvin
<- Loukman Ali
<- Hermann Wolfram Kloeckner
<- Arild Sannes
<- Lars Midgaard
<- Jon Pedersen
<- Stig N. Andersen
<- Kristian Grønevet



"Things I've been told"

Things I’ve been told

R8 Group

R8 Group

Villa Frednes

Villa Frednes

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