Client: R8 Group
Type of work: Brand development

Type of client: Real Estate
Year produced: 2017

R8 is a young and energetic real estate company that is focused on building exceptional buildings and giving their tenants exceptional service. They do this by investing a lot in great architecture, design and the latest technology.

In fact they do this to the extent that they actually bought my designstudio onezero in late 2016. The company was merged with the advertising agency edison and is now known as R8 Edge. And that's how I ended up being involved with creating a new logo and corporate identity for this company in 2017.

As everyone who has created a logo for their own company knows, it was a challenging process. But it was also a very exciting time, where we had a energetic workshops and valuable discussions about common values, culture and ambitions.

We (or at least I) had no idea how much R8 Property would grow in the coming years, building revolutionary buildings, being listed on the Oslo stock exchange, and launching exciting tech startups.

There were a lot of talented people involved in this project, and I think my most important contribution was to make sure we landed safely on a strong concept with a lot of interesting details (did you know that the dots and lines around the logotype spells out R8 in morse code?).

R8 Group


I very seldon do projects 100% by my self, and usually there is a whole bunch of people involved in creating the magic. Here is an attempt to give credit where credit is due.

Agency: R8 Edge
Designers: Stig N. Andersen, Sanja Vuckovic and myself.
Motion graphics: Nathan Frouin and Jon Pedersen

Creative direction: Atle Barcley and myself.
UX design: Mia Holte
Web development: Lars Midtgaard and Espen Grimsgaard

Project management: Atle Barcley
Payoff: (ROOM FOR LIFE) - Hans-Olav Forsang and Simen Grytøyr
Photography: Hans-Olav Forsang


Solberg Bil

Solberg Bil

Boda Pro

Boda Protection



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