Client: Made for Movement
Type of work: Name, logo, corporate identity, website, app.

Type of client: Technology 
Year produced: 2008

Made for Movement is a Norwegian company developing aids for people with physical disabilities, with customers all across the world.

When I started working with them the company was named "eo funktion", and as far as I can remember "eo" is latin for moving/movement - or at least that's what I was told.

The company was preparing for a launch in the US, and as a part of the research phase of this project we were able to get access to a small focus group consisting of Americans with relevant background. And the results from these sessions led us to change the name to Made for Movement.

This was a rather big project - spanning over many years where I created the corporate identity, guidelines and templates for pretty much any conceivable usage of the logo and corporate identity, a comprehensive website and even an ios app with videos and information.


Villa Frednes

Villa Frednes

the dream that holds you back

The dream that holds you back



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