Client: Sjøslag / Self initiated
Type of work: Font development

Type of client: Arts & Culture
Year produced: 2021

While working with the identities for a few restaurants in Larvik, I started doing a lot of research into the history of the certain parts of the city. And it turned out that the part of the city where the restaurants were placed had a rich and interesting heritage. Langestrand ("long beach" in Norwegian) was a working class society with inhabitants from all over Europe. And in many ways it existed outside of the established society in Norway at the time, they had their own laws, their own culture - and lots of different languages would be heard in the streets of Langestrand. Even to this day some of it's inhabitants refer to themselves as "the republic".

So at one point while I was sketching out logos for these restaurants, I figured out I wanted to create a custom typography for the restaurants and this special part of the area. And even if the budget in no way allowed for such a project, I just went ahead and completed it with the help of a few good friends (thank you Dan Erik and Oksana) and a certain pandemic.

This typeface is free for anyone who live or operate an business in the area of Langestrand, send me an e-mail if you are interested.


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ØPD Group

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