Client: Guard Systems
Type of work: Corporate identity, interaction design, illustrations and custom typography

Type of client: Technology
Year produced: 2012

Guard Systems is a Norwegian technology company founded in 1992, with pioneering tracking technogy that allowed companies and persons to track and recover cars, boats and other valuables. Over the years they used their special knowledge and technology for other areas - like fleet management and productivity tools.

I got tasked to create a new identity for the company, and I quickly realized that a lot of the end users of their new products were a bit hesitant towards being surveillanced by all this tracking techology. And that big red falcon that had been in their logo since the early days when the company mainly tracked and recovered valuables was not helping at all.

But I still wanted to keep some of the identity from the bird, and as I researched birds I became fascinated by the incredible technology in a single feather. It was more lightweight than aluminum, stronger than carbon, more flexible than plastic - and it protected the birds in both warm and cold climates.

So that's how the feather became the main component of their new corporate identity.

The project also included all kinds of stationary, packaging, signage, illustrations, a custom typeface (a modified ubuntu sans) and a facelift of their digital products.


Villa Frednes

Villa Frednes


The Eye

Canon Norway

Canon Norway

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