Client: Canon Norway
Type of work: UX Design & custom software development

Type of client: Technology
Year produced: 2002-2008

Through my good friends at Tenk I got an incredible chance to work with Canon Norway in the early years of starting my own designstudio. In many ways this was the project that allowed me to grow my company by attracting the right talent, and the right type of customers.

The main product we built together was the Canon Partnerweb, it was an extranet for dealers and partners of Canon. And after you had logged in you would have access to upcoming product releases, news, high-res images of products, promotional brochures, and also more technical stuff like software, utilities and drivers.

In the beginning I designed and coded everything myself, but as the complexity grew with new functionality and also the need for a much more personalized experience (if you were a technician you would want access to other stuff than the sales people at the retail chains) - I partnered up with my friend Carl G. Mathiesen who took over as main developer (and got rid of most of my messy code).

In addition to the Canon Partnerweb, we made a few other custom products for them, including a sales contest platform that we called Canon Salgsweb, which had quite advanced budgeting functionality - in addition to gamified components like high-score lists, points, prizes and badges. There is a few screenshots and even a video below.

We also built a product called Canon Kompetanseweb or Canon KDB (Knowledge Data Base), which was a way of mapping the knowledge and competence of every single person who handled Canon products in any way. All the online training or physical courses you did got listed in the database, and if you were missing some course or session the system sent our reminders to you, and if you missed the deadlines you could loose your authorization to sell Canon products. There were a lot of different levels, user categories and points to keep track off.

Since this in many ways was still the early days of the internet, it was almost revolutionary that you could send out visual e-mails instead of brochures and promo-material in the mail. So since this was a long time before mailchimp, campaignmonitor, hubspot or similar services we all use to send out e-mails these days, we made the Canon Mailgenerator which is what it sounds like, a solution to create beautiful e-mails based on our templates and send it out to users and track the response.

As far as I can remember I also designed a webshop, a web-to-print solution and a lot of really cheesy corporate promotional materials.



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